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HOPE Gardens creates a community space that fosters relationships, educates the community, and addresses barriers to food access through shared efforts in sustainable agriculture.

  • If the land of the free was free for you and me as it so claims to be, peace would be found, food would abound, and hunger would make not a sound. We’d rise with the sun and sleep with the moon, earth in our hearts and rain in our veins. Let us plant a seed and we can be freed, so we once again know how it feels to grow.


Our Team

HOPE Gardens is an entirely student-run project of HOPE (Homeless Outreach Poverty Eradication), a subcommittee of the UNC-CH Campus Y. Our dedicated staff of 10-20 students is in charge of programming and operations for HOPE Gardens. The staff is broken into three main subcommittees: Outreach, Urban Farm, and Food Access. Outreach manages community relationships – with local shelters, sponsors, community partners, students, and campus organizations – and plans events like the potlucks and workshops. Urban Farm oversees the garden’s physical operations and planting plan. Finally, Food Access is in charge of our HOPE Cooks program. If you want to join any of these student planning subcommittees, please join us at 1789 E. Franklin St (The Incubator, next to Ye Olde Waffle) on Mondays at 7:00 PM.
Jocelyn Pianowski

Co-Chair, Class of 2016; Major(s): Economics Favorite Produce: Carrots

John Powers

Co-Chair, Class of 2015, Major(s): Biology, Favorite Produce: Squash

Mari Moss

Co-Chair, Class of 2016, Major(s): Pre-Pharmacy, Favorite Produce: Green Apples

Cade Underwood

Subcommittee Outreach Chair, Class of 2016, Major(s): Global Studies and Peace, War, and Defense; Entrepreneurship Minor, Favorite Produce: Avocado

Lauren Scott

Subcommittee Food Access Chair, Class of 2016, Major(s): Environmental Geology; Sustainability Minor, Favorite Produce: Beets

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